Property Management

    Manager: Cynthia Ahmed

    Caretaker: Kris Duszka


          Lawn maintenance: bimonthly
           by Juan Garcia & crew.

          Pool maintenance: Crystal Clear
            Pools every Thursday

     Cleaning: Claudia Rodriguez

          AC, Plumbing, Handyman:
             Kris Duszka

Service Providers:

         Propane: All Keys Gas

         Satellite TV: Dish Network

         Telephone & Internet: Comcast

    Updated Jan. 3, 2015
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    The Story Behind White Ibis Inn

    This property had an interesting owner/builder. He was an eccentric builder of custom
    homes in the Keys. His father was a NASA scientist; and while he didn't go into that
    field, he still built things to exacting standards and to withstand strong forces.

    He built the main house in 1986. It was designed by architect Thomas E. Pope in
    traditional conch style, which meant no air conditioning, but instead with French doors
    iin each room to allow the sea breeze to flow through. He was probably trying to
    recreate his carefree days in the Bahamas, 20 years earlier, where he fell in love and
    married a beautiful Bahamian lady.

    He enjoyed landscaping amongst the prized native tropical hardwood trees, and
    decided to get a loan and build the biggest white picket fence in the Keys. It took more
    than 100 concrete piers and hand-poured crown moldings, plus countless hours
    hand-drilling each picket to complete the impressive 6 foot high fence that surrounds
    the property.

    He then decided to top that achievement with a solid concrete guest house strong
    enough to withstand hurricanes. He got that built on time to ride out Hurricane George
    in 1998. The guest house came out perfectly intact, and his fence stopped the
    neighbor's trailer from blowing into the yard. But the neighborhood had flooded with
    salt water and almost all of his beloved trees were wiped out. This and his building
    debt was more than his family could bear. He put the property on the market the next

    Along comes our family. My wife and I were name painting artists on Duval Street and
    had just had our second child.  We felt the property was ideal for raising a family and
    bought it in 1999.  We sort of pioneered it, growing fruit trees and flowers and living
    without AC, yet also working on an invention, RainbowBrush markers, on computers
    and selling art online. You can imagine how quickly the seabreeze corroded our hard
    drives. In 2002, we moved to Canada to be closer to relatives and began renting out
    the property.

    After launching the invention we moved back to Florida in 2009.

                                                                                   - Kazi Ahmed, owner
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